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SOMIC Paint Roller 1.5″ TWIN

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SOMIC Paint Roller 1.5″ TWIN

The compact 1.5” paint roller offers a convenient and efficient solution for coating applications in unique and hard-to-reach areas. Available in 3 distinct frame models, L-shaped, Curve, and Twin; each is tailor-designed to address specific challenges with finesse.

L-shaped – is tailored for navigating tight and narrow spaces, ensuring precision in areas that are otherwise difficult with traditional brushes.

Curve – excels in painting curved surfaces, making painting faster and more efficient on pipes and small pillars.

Twin – is designed to streamline the application of paint within C-channels by allowing simultaneous coating on all sides of the roller cover in a single pass.


  • Special small size designed to replace paintbrushes and saves more time.
  • For painting in hard-to-reach areas or shaped surfaces.
  • Equipped with a convenient slip-on (QUICK CHANGE) mechanism for effortless roller cover replacement.
  • Washable and reusable, guaranteeing extended utility over multiple applications.
  • Replaces paintbrushes resulting in faster painting completion and saving time.


Surface Type: General surfaces

Paint Type: Water-based, Oil-based

Applications: Hard-to-reach areas / Shaped surfaces

Frame Type: T-Shaped, Slip-on (QUICK CHANGE)

Core Diameter: 18 mm.

Roller Diameter: 35 mm.

Roller Size: 1.5 in.

Item Code: SM-5702