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SOMIC Painting Kit PACK-M

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Painting kit for DIY lovers who are looking for all-in-one ready to paint kit. Suitable for painting large areas with 10″ roller and 4″ paintbrush for precise cut-ins.

There are a total of 6 pieces in the kit, consisting of…

1. SOMIC 2-in-1 Paint Roller 10″

Featuring versatility and ease of use, the 2-in-1 series paint roller is compatible with both water-based and oil-based paints. The roller cover came densely packed with durable filaments optimized for high paint absorbency and even release; this ensures smooth coating can be achieved quickly and conveniently even when working on large surfaces.

2. SOMIC 2-in-1 Paint Roller 10″ Cover

Spare roller cover designed for withstanding multiple washes and use – making it cost-effective and eco-friendly

3. SOMIC Roller Tray

Engineered for efficient and controlled paint application. The tray helps painters load up paint more consistently onto their rollers or brushes, ensuring even coverage without excessive dripping or splattering. It can accommodate rollers and brushes up to 10 inches and is easy to move around with, giving accessibility to painters working on various parts of the project. As a separate container, it aids in cost savings by efficiently controlling the amount of paint used per can, reducing wastage, and streamlining the painting process.

4. SOMIC Pre-Taped Masking Film 550 mm.

Covers and masks off areas for crisp cut-ins and keeps the surface protected from unwanted paints and spills. The pre-taped film engineers for ease of application and adheres securely with its static-cling property to ensure surface protection and a tidy workspace. The high-quality adhesive leaves no residue behind upon removal, resulting in a clean finish without the need for additional cleaning labor.

5. Paintbrush 4″ SOMIC Basic Series

Features stiff bristles and a thinner brush profile, enabling precise and delicate strokes, perfect for cut-ins, detailed lines, and painting in confined areas requiring a thin brush for precision. Coupled with a lightweight handle that provides a secure grip, and its compact size enhances control during use.

6. Paint Mixing Rod

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